The development of global markets means that many ASC clients carry on business in different jurisdictions and need cross-border legal services, both for business and dispute resolution. To respond to the needs of clients ASC is a member of an international legal group known as LAWorld ( Yoav Salomon was the chairman of LAWorld in the years 2006 - 2008


.Yoav Salomon is considered as an expert in international negotiations and served as the chair of the "Inter Cultural Negotiations" session in an international conference held in Lazarski University, Warsaw, Poland in October 2012.


ASC's active membership of LAWorld enables it to provide added value to clients by either assisting them directly through member colleagues or by referring them to known firms in the required jurisdictions, safe in the knowledge that they will receive similar service to that provided by ASC. In particular all members have broadly based commercial, corporate and business practices with litigation capabilities. As with this firm they have a strong commitment to the use of the latest technology and have English-speaking lawyers.


In addition ASC has professional contacts with law firms in jurisdictions not represented in LAWorld, so it can offer clients easy access to legal services virtually all over the globe.


For a list of members, international legal updates and copies of the LAWorld newsletters please visit

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