About the FIRM

Avniel, Salomon & Co. (ASC) is a well-established law firm in Haifa, Israel. Founded in 1950, it is a general practice with special expertise in commercial law, international law and disputes resolution.


ASC provides the highest quality services to its clients, emphasizing the importance of strong personal relations and excellent communication.


ASC has the ability to take a bird's eye view of a legal problem, then tailoring the most effective solution. ASC can offer proficiency in all areas of law and integrate the different skills required into the best possible solution for its clients.


ASC offers cross-border legal services, both for Israeli and non-Israeli clients.


ASC is member of LAWorld, an international network of independent law firms. Yoav Salomon was the chairman of LAWorld in the years 2006 - 2008.




Avniel, Salomon & Co. was established in 1950 by M. Avniel and Yoel Salomon and has practiced since then in Haifa. Both founders were prominent figures in Haifa and in the legal profession. M. Avniel, in addition to being one of the first lawyers in Haifa, was a prominent artist and since the mid-1960s has retired gradually to practice his art. Yoel Salomon was, among other functions, chairman of the Haifa and Northern District of the Israeli Bar and a member of the Statutory 9 Members committee that elects judges in Israel. Yoel Salomon led the firm until his death in 1998; since then Yoav Salomon has taken up this role.


The firm joined LAWorld, an international network of independent medium-sized law firms, in 1997.


The firm is a full service one, specializing in commercial and civil law. The firm has acquired and retained an excellent reputation for its commercial work on behalf of its extensive client base. 

Avniel, Salomon & Co